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Body Geometry products are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase performance, improve comfort, and reduce your chance of injury. No matter your riding style, the contact points between the bike and body can present a unique set of challenges. All Body Geometry equipment, however, offers personalized solutions that optimize your performance and comfort. Our passionate group of physicians, engineers, and athletes create designs that are rooted in science and approved as Body Geometry, so you can be one with your bike.


Identify a problem, solve it through design, validate it with science—this is Body Geometry. And while we take comfort for granted today, before Body Geometry, bike ergonomics had hardly changed for over a century. Saddles were notoriously uncomfortable, and as research showed in the ‘90s, they were causing actual medical issues. Scarring, numbness, restricted blood flow—all problems to solve. So, solve we did. We assembled a group of medical professionals and developed the first Body Geometry saddle in 1997. This saddle stands as the pivot point for the bike industry, and the Ergonomically Designed and Scientifically Tested ethos that drove the solution remains our guiding philosophy to this day.

Of course, it wasn’t long until we began implementing this science-driven approach to shoes and gloves. We made the first cycling shoes with a formed Longitudinal Arch, a Varus Wedge, and metatarsal support, and their proliferation has effectively eliminated hot spots and numbness, increased power output, and greatly reduced the chance of knee injury. And with gloves, we targeted hand numbness and fatigue by innovating ways to relive pressure from the ulnar nerve.

We’re far from finished. Body Geometry is always evolving and finding new ways of delivering you the best possible equipment for your ride.

Shoes and Footbeds

The key to more comfort, less injuries, and higher power output comes from a combination of our Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and personalized insoles with a Metatarsal Button. When used in harmony, these three features align the hip, foot, and knee, while also limiting medial/lateral knee movement and maintaining good circulation down to your toes.

Longitudinal Arch

To prevent your arches from collapsing and wasting power during the pedal stroke, Body Geometry shoes are built with a patented, molded arch support in the outsole, which is paired with three standard footbed shapes for personalization of your arch height. We can even make custom footbeds in about 30 minutes if you need something outside the box. Either way, we work to get all of your power transferred to the pedals.

Varus Wedge

With a 1.5mm built-in Varus Wedge, our Body Geometry shoes stabilize the natural movement of your forefoot and improve knee alignment. Altogether, this alignment increases power output and, at maximum efforts, adds an average of 10 seconds to your time to exhaustion.

Metatarsal Button

Hot spots and numbness are a thing of the past. By lifting and separating the bones of the forefoot, our Metatarsal Button puts less pressure on the nearby nerves and arteries, so you can say goodbye to the foot issues that plague long or hot rides.


We work with the world's top athletes to develop saddles that stand, or rather sit, without rival. With exclusive features, like the Body Geometry groove found on our Power Saddle, our saddles eliminate unwanted pressure on nerves, arteries, and soft tissue. And not only do they reduce pressure, but they also provide the comfort and support that you need for everything from long, hard efforts to laid-back weekend jaunts around town.

Widths for Every Body Type

All of our saddles come in multiple widths and various shapes that match your anatomy to ensure total comfort and support. Don’t know what width is right for you? Any Specialized retailer can measure your sit bones and recommend the correct width.

Support for the Right Position

When you're in seated in the right position, the kilometers just seem to tick by. That's why our saddles come with various ergonomic shapes, cutouts, and contours to ensure that you're sitting on your sit bones and off of your arteries, nerves, and soft tissues.


Gloves and Grips Say goodbye to numb hands—our Body Geometry gloves use strategically-placed, contoured pads that distribute forces across your hands to reduce nerve pressure and maintain circulation in your digits. To complement the gloves, our grips conform to your hands' anatomy to further relieve pressure, and as a system, deliver the best possible comfort and control.

Ulnar Protection

Hand numbness can occur when the ulnar nerve is compressed for long periods of time. Body Geometry Gel gloves disperse this pressure by padding the nerve that runs into your third and fourth fingers. So now, you can ride longer and with less fatigue.

Arterial Circulation

Tingling fingers can be caused by poor circulation as you grip the bars. If you like a more minimal feel, the Equalizer Pad in the Grail gloves maintains the natural shape of you palm. This protects the arterial flow to all of your digits, while also creating an extremely comfortable connection to your bike.