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S-Works Prevail 3

Cooler Heads Prevail

The S-Works Prevail 3 is the best ventilated helmet we’ve ever made. The internal AirCage reinvents impact force management, enables massive vents, and contributed to a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™.

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S-Works Evade 3

The Fastest Gets Cooler

The S-Works Evade 3 was reinvented from the inside out to cool better, making it the fastest choice for more stages. We increased its ventilation by 10% while maintaining its leading aero performance. This innovation breakthrough was achieved through extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and Win Tunnel testing, resulting in a rear “diffuser” that helps minimize drag and larger vents to increase ventilation.

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Design Drives Us

Our commitment to developing the best helmets possible is reflected in our high-performance team composed of engineers, product developers, designers, manufacturing technicians, and quality control specialists. When a rider chooses to wear one of our helmets, they show us the ultimate trust—and we take that responsibility seriously.

Tools of Success

We utilized cutting-edge tools to achieve our mission—advanced solid modeling software, finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), state-of-the-art testing labs on multiple continents, and feedback from the best racers in the world. As an integral part of our development process, we do all testing in our own Win Tunnel.

We Thought About Everything, So You Don’t Need To

We obsessed over aerodynamics and challenged conventional ideas around impact energy distribution and helmet construction. Then we went over the top with attention to design and production details to deliver a high-performance and purposeful quiver of road helmets made for race day. 

S-Works Prevail 3


Woven aramid “cables” traverse the helmet and are anchored to carbon fiber side panels. Upon impact, the AirCage technology works as a suspension bridge and is designed to distribute localized forces throughout the helmet. 

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5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™

Both the S-Works Prevail 3 and S-Works Evade 3 helmets feature MIPS Node Air technology and a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™. When a rider chooses to wear one of our helmets, they show us the ultimate trust—and we take that responsibility seriously.

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S-Works Evade 3

Rear Diffuser

copy: The new design of the S-Works Evade 3 increases ventilation by 10% while maintaining its leading aero performance. The rear “diffuser” helps minimize drag, and the larger front vents increase ventilation.

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Made In Racing

We work with the fastest racers in the world to create products that help them win the biggest races in the world. Then we make those products available to all riders so they can realize the same performance benefits as the pros.

S-Works TT 5

Mach Against the Clock

Using CFD modeling, the helmet team reshaped the TT helmet, positioning the rear of the helmet to be nearer the rider’s shoulders, reducing the eddy of air that creates drag. 

The S-Works TT 5 helmet is an excellent example of our Made In Racing approach. Remco Evenepoel and Kasper Asgreen of Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl logged countless hours in our Win Tunnel until we arrived at the fastest TT helmet we have ever made.

Optimal Integration

Head Sock

The head sock is an integral part of the S-Works TT 5 helmet; it helps maintain an optimal position on the head while riding and mitigate rotational forces during impact.

Testing in the Win Tunnel

Making the Fastest Faster

The results of our Win Tunnel testing: 26 seconds off Remco Evenepoel’s 40K time-trial for a race that’s won by tenths of seconds.

Shield Technology

High-Grade (EN166) Anti-Fog Coating

The S-Works TT5 helmet comes equipped with a Class 1 optics shield for zero distortion. The shield has a hydrophobic coating to help clear moisture away, as well as a high-grade (EN166) anti-fog coating.

S-Works Prevail 3

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S-Works Evade 3

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