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It's you, only faster

When Specialized started developing their first electric bike, they knew it had to incorporate everything they'd learned since 1974. It had to ride and feel like a great bike first—something they'd really love to ride themselves. They wanted you to feel like you were on a "regular" bike, but somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. This core mission still hasn’t changed. It’s now, and forever will be, their promise for every Turbo: It’s You, Only Faster.


Californian-designed, Swiss-engineered

Taking a motor and battery off the shelf would be easy, but Specialized don’t compromise. Instead, they develop their tech in e-bike-obsessed Cham, Switzerland and tune the ride at their Morgan Hill, California headquarters. They carve their own path to deliver e-bikes that ride like they’re truly you, only faster.


Specialized e-bike technology system

The Specialized e-Bike Technology System delivers smooth, powerful, and silent pedal-assistance, maximum range, and superior connectivity solutions, with every aspect of the system working in harmony with the bike. And while it’s not an easy route to go, real innovation rarely is.

Seamless assistance

Specialized motors are incredibly smooth, powerful, and quiet. They amplify your input and disengage when you’re over top speed or in off-mode to create a ride free of unnatural resistance. The Mission Control App also lets you fully customize motor characteristics to your personal preferences.

Ride anywhere

With best-in-class range, all Specialized batteries feature intuitive charging solutions and an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures optimal performance for a longer battery lifetime.

Custom connectivity

Turbos are smart bikes that connect your bike via ANT+ and/or Bluetooth® to our very own Mission Control App, Turbo Connect Display (TCD), or your other favorite third-party displays, devices, or apps. With our superior connectivity solutions, it’s up to you to decide how you want to ride.

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